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JSON Formatter or beautifier is an online tool for formatting JSON strings with chosen indentation level. By default, the formatter use industry recommended code style for formatting which you can modify to your requirement. This tool beautifully formats the compressed JSON by adding space, so it is easily readable by humans. The editor also highlights the JSON values based on data types.

To use JSON formatter, just enter JSON in the editor and press format button. The JSON will be formatted within seconds and output will be displayed output editor.

All the formatting process is handled in browser and no data is sent to server for formatting.


By default, we will be linting the JSON for any errors and will highlight the errors with location. This tool will help you find issues like missing quotes, charset issues with different quotes etc.

To format ION string or to format JSON with errors , uncheck validate/lint JSON options in the option tab.

JSON syntax is easy, readable, straightforward, human-friendly and that is the main reason it got popular. The following are the rules of the JSON syntax.

  • JSON data are key and value pairs "key": "value".
  • Supports string, number and boolean data types as same as javascript primitives.
  • Each JSON data is separated by a comma ,.
  • Object uses curly braces {}.
  • Array uses square brackets [].

If the JSON entered is not following any of the above syntax will result in errors. This formatter will help you to identify the location of error by pointing the exact liner numbers and column number.

JSON Beautifier

JSON formatter is also called as JSON Beautifier as it formats the ugly and compressed JSON into beautiful easily readable JSON string. It also displays in editor with highlighting data types. Below is the sample for formatting.

Below is example of Compressed JSON

[{"name": "facia", "message":"welcome"}]

Below is the formatted JSON of the same,

"name": "facia",
"message": "welcome"

By default, the indentation is using industry recommended 2 SPACE indendation which can be modified to use SPACES or TAB for indentations.

If you need to convert beautiful JSON to compressed or minified JSON check our - JSON Minifier Online Tool.