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CSS Minifier Online

CSS minifier is a CSS minify online tool to compress CSS, SCSS and SASS. Given a CSS the tool will remove all the formatting and provide a compressed or uglified CSS which will work same way in browser. In our tests, we were able to achieve 93% minification with default setting and 97% minification with level 2 advanced settings.

CSS Minifier Options

The default formatting are to minify CSS to an extend it will remove formatting alone and it will provide basic minification of CSS.

  • Removes empty blocks - Enabled by default - Remove blocks without any statements.
  • Preserve Special Comments - Disabled by default - Use /*! comment format to keep comments after minification and enable this option.
  • Round Precessions - By default rounds to 4 digit precision.

Additional customisation line merge duplicate rule and removing duplicates rules can be enabled if needed.

Below is example formatted css

/*! special comment @copyrights */
.dark {
/** This comments will be removed */
background: #121212;
padding: 10px 20px 10px 20px; /** converted to padding: 10px 20px; */
.empty {
/** This block is so it will be removed */

Below is the minified CSS

.dark{background:#121212;padding:10px 20px}

CSS Minify Options - Advanced Level 2

Below are the advanced CSS minifier options helpful to achieve maximum compression.Minifier

  • Removes Duplicates - Disabled by default - Merges two rules with same selectors to save space.
  • Merge Rules - Disabled by default - Remove duplicate rules - This will break css if order overrides any existing css and may cause issue.

To convert compressed or minified CSS to formatted/beautified CSS then use our - CSS Formatter Online Tool to reverse this process.