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HTML Formatter Online

HTML Formatter is highly configurable online formatting tool to beautifully format HTML in way it is easily readable for humans. HTML beautifier adds necessary indentations for tags and contents and it prettifies the HTML with syntax highlighter. This is an advanced HTML formatter where you can configure it to format CSS and Javascript inside the HTML.

HTML when transferred from server to client browser will be compressed to save network bandwidth and latency. This tool will help you to visualise HTML and it is structure easily with syntax highlighter.

This version of HTML Formatter is advanced and it formats Javascript and CSS inside HTML as well.

HTML Beautifier Options

By default, the beautifier is configured with Google Style guide recommendations, you can always modify and use it as per your requirement. Below are the options available in HTML beautifier / formatter.

  • Indentation Level - 2 Space Indent by default - The tags and contents are indented using 2 spaces.
  • Remove Empty Lines - Allows to keep 2 empty lines - Adds a line break and one black line between tokens/tags.
  • Line Wrap - Wraps lines at 120 characters.
  • Brace Style - This for indenting javascript inside javascript on placing {}, [] brackets.
  • Indent inner HTML - Adds indent between <html>, </html> tags. All contents between these root tags will be indented.
  • Indent script & Style tag - Indent Script tag and style tag and its contents.
  • Indent Empty Lines - Used to carry indentation on empty lines and line breaks between tags.
  • End with new line - Adds a new line to end of file.

HTML Formatter Usage

Below is the compressed HTML, just paste this the input and format it.

<head><title>Welcome to !!!</title></head>

Below is the formatted HTML

<title>Welcome to !!!</title>

If you want to reverse this function, you can use HTML Minifier Online Tool.