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Gzip Decompress Online

Gzip decompression is most widely used receiver end like browsers to decompress the gzip to text format. Most modern browsers accept Gzip (.gz) format in response and it will be decompressed by browser to render it for users. You can also decompress and files types gzipped to be decompressed.

Gzip to Text Decompress

If you quickly want un gzip or decompress a gzip data online to text, then this tool is for you. This tool can decompress 1GB of gzip data instantly in your browser. It can process more than 1 GB of gzip data as well. Since the data is decompressed in your browser, you can use it as much required.

The text is decompressed locally in your browser using javascript libraries and data is not sent to any backed server. So your data stays within your system. :)

You can also use our gzip compression tool to compress.

Gzip Decompress in Linux

Gzip is a GNU project and popularly used in linux for compression and decompression. You can use below command linux terminal for compressing a file.

# gzip [Options] [filenames]
gzip -d filename.txt.gz