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Gzip Compress Online

Gzip compression is most widely used lossless text data compression format. It helps to reduce storage space or network bandwidth while transmitting data. At max it can compress upto 1032:1 ratio of text based on samples analysed. It is widely used in web servers to compress and send data to browsers on requests. As per google data, gzip compression achieves 77% compression on popular javascript libraries.

So, if your storing, archiving huge chunks of data and transmitting frequently it is better to gzip compress it.

Text to Gzip Compress Online Tool

If you quickly want gzip compress a text data online, then this tool is the right place. This tool can compress 1GB of text data instantly in your browser. It can process more than 1 GB of text data as well. Since the data is compressed in your browser, you can use it unlimitedly.

The text is compressed locally in your browser using javascript libraries and data is not sent to any backed server. So your data stays within your system. :)

You can also use our gzip decompression tool to decompress it.

Gzip compress in linux

Gzip is a GNU project and popularly used in linux for compression. You can use below command linux terminal for compressing a file.

# gzip [Options] [filenames]
gzip filename.txt