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Brotli Compress Online Tool

Brotli compression is widely used text compression format with highest compression ratio. It is mainly used in modern servers to compress html, css and javascript files in server and transmit to browser which support br text encoding format.

You can use this brotli text compression tool to compress text to highest compression and transmit it.

Text to Brotli Compress Online Tool Usage

If you quickly want brotli compress a text data online, then this tool is the right place. This tool can compress more than 1GB of text data instantly in your browser. The text is compressed locally in your browser using javascript libraries and data is not sent to any backed server. So your data stays within your system. :)

Below is normal readable text, just paste this in input and click compress button.

Hello, welcome to !!!

below is the brotli compressed text


You can also use our brotli decompression tool to decompress it.