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Convert CSV To JSON Online Tool

CSV to JSON converter is a tool or software that can convert a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, which is a plain text file format that stores data in a tabular form, into a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file, which is a lightweight, text-based, language-independent data interchange format. JSON is often used for storing and exchanging data in web applications and APIs, while CSV is commonly used for data export and import between different systems.

This CSV to JSON converter is an online tool that can convert CSV data in tabular format to JSON data in key-value pairs format, which is more suitable for modern web applications and APIs.

The basic process of converting a CSV file to a JSON file involves reading the CSV file row by row and then using the values in each row to create a JSON object. The JSON object is then added to an array of JSON objects, which can be exported as a single JSON file.

CSV To JSON Converter Features

Below are the features that a CSV to JSON converter included:

  • Column mapping: The ability to specify the mapping between columns in the CSV file and properties in the resulting JSON object.
  • Handling of special characters: The ability to handle special characters, such as commas, quotes, and newlines, that may be present in the CSV file.
  • Support for large files: The ability to handle large CSV files and convert them to JSON efficiently.
  • Error handling: The ability to handle and report errors, such as missing columns or incorrect data types, during the conversion process.
  • Customizable output format: The ability to customize the output format of the JSON file, such as indentation level, separator, and line breaks.

Convert CSV To JSON using Javascript

There are several libraries available for converting CSV to JSON in JavaScript. One popular library is Papa Parse. Here is an example of how to use it:

var csv = "name,age\nJohn,30\nMary,25";
var results = Papa.parse(csv);

You can install Papa Parse via npm by running npm install papaparse in your command line interface

Another way to do it is using built-in javascript:

// Step 1: Split CSV into array of rows
var csv = "name,age\nJohn,30\nMary,25";
var rows = csv.split("\n");
// Step 2: Split rows into an array of cells
var cells = rows.map(function(row) {
return row.split(",");
// Step 3: Create an array of objects
var json = cells.map(function(cells) {
return {
name: cells[0],
age: cells[1]

You can use any of the above method to convert CSV to JSON in javascript.